The PHYSIO ROOM Peanut Trigger Point ball is a versatile self massage tool for regeneration and mobilisation of muscles and fascia. It massages the deeper-lying muscle groups and hard to reach areas.


The space between the two balls allows a targeted and effective massage - particularly around the spine - improving the flexibility and performance of the muscles.

The peanut massage ball is perfect for full body massaging and relieving muscle tension, it can be used on a table, against the wall or on the floor.

Long-term use can help reduce fascial adhesions and scar tissue.


Trigger Point Massage Ball-Double

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    • VERSATILE: Offers full body massaging, including hard to reach areas
    • BENEFITS: Improves muscle flexibility and performance, long-term use can help reduce scar tissue
    • PROVIDES: Deep tissue massage for regeneration and mobilisation of muscles and fascia