This PHYSIOROOM Trigger Point Massage ball offers acupressure and trigger point release therapy in the comfort of your own home. It’s great for use alongside Pilates, yoga, physical therapy and massage therapy and is recommended and used by a wide range of top tier professionals. Even if you are watching TV, lying on the living room floor or at your work desk, this massage ball can really make a difference.

Their Trigger Point Massage Ball targets pain relief when rolled over knotted muscles across the body. That makes it perfect for those hard to reach areas that can’t be touched by a foam roller. It will allow you to get into the tighter areas of the body to reduce the uncomfortable feeling that comes when muscles are knotted and not fully relaxed.

Trigger Point Massage Ball

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    • Applies acupressure and trigger point release therapy
    • Use in conjunction with yoga, Pilates, physical and massage therapy
    • Can be applied anywhere you want – at home or at work
    • Improves blood flow and lymphatic circulation
    • Invigorates tired muscles to leave you feel fresh