Keep calm and relax with....Sport massage? (Yep! You read that right)

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Most people don't associate sport massage with relaxation, but it is a vital part of what we do, If you are lying on my table unable to relax then guess what....your muscles will not relax either.

Although it is well known that sport massage therapy can be slightly uncomfortable (that good pain that I hear a lot about) there are ways a good sport therapist will help you to relax, making treatments much more effective and the long term effects go a lot further (as well as your money!).

Image by Angelo Esslinger from Pixabay

Client/therapist trust.

A hugely important part of a therapists role is to build up a good, trusting relationship with you, enabling you to feel comfortable and able to relax throughout treatments. This will always start with a consultation on the initial appointment to gain the important information and to know what you want to achieve from the therapy but further than that it will be carried on over time by simply talking, getting to know you, and building up a good relationship (we're not nosy, we want you to achieve your goals!).

Pain management.

Through out your treatments your therapist will constantly be checking in to assess any pain- its really important to be honest with your therapist and not just "grin and bear it" because when you do your central nervous system will be screaming inside and telling your muscles to "Guard" which will prevent them from relaxing, then making it a lot harder for your therapists techniques to be effective. This also goes for stretches and manipulations.... (Plus a good therapist will know when you aren't relaxing any way even if you are face down!)

Knowing what treatment and when...

Sometimes due to busy family life, work or running a business and then on top of that a sport or hobby that requires regular training or strict regimes, the time that some of my regular clients come to the clinic can be the only time they get to their selves. If they are keeping on top of treatments and I can't feel anything to be concerned about then I'm not going to start digging around searching for something that isn't there just for the sake of it, sports massage therapists use a huge range of different techniques (not just the owchy ones) and in this instance adapting to a more general deep tissue massage is just whats in order, promoting relaxation and releasing the day to day stresses in the body and mind.

Mental health is just as important and has a huge impact on the physical health of our muscles!



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